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Circle Gem Cuff

This is a unique piece, even in my collection. The center circle can be manipulated into many different shapes. In the middle of the circle are multiple gems including aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, citrine, peridot and polite. The circle sits on a knit bracelet of silver which is finished with a sterling silver tube slide clasp.

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Classic with a Hip Twist

Remember the classic pearl necklace? One may live in your jewelry box, like mine, frittering away its time. My beautiful pearls were a gift from my husband, and while the white pearls are beautiful and the knotting divine, it rarely makes an appearance in company. It is a bit too classic for me, makes me think about Regency romance novels. Granted, I like the romance novels, but I don't dress in flowing silk gowns with low-cut bodices, cap sleeves and long scalloped hems. [more...]