"Wearing the ornaments she's crafted can help you believe in the unbelievable."

Martha Beck

Like the art inside the museum, her work is truly unique and stunning.

Michelle Ruiz, SF Indie Fashion

Forget the clothing and get a piece of art to wear from Stephanie.

Dr. Grace Chang, SF State University

As unique as it is beautiful. More please.

Melissa Castro, Photographer

The first thing you will probably notice about Stephanie is her energy: strong, upbeat, fast-talking, and full of creative fire. She is passionate about her work, and equally passionate about bringing out the unique style of her clients.

Nicole Bratt, Open Circle

Change from casual to elegant with a change of necklace, cuff bracelet or earrings. Love her artistry, workmanship and attention to detail.

Jennifer Gauthier, Pacifica, CA

The men say they have finally figured out what to get for their ladies; the women say they feel special and beautiful wearing the earrings, cuffs, and necklaces.

Joanne Schwed, Backspace Ink

Stephanie Hamilton's work is original and spectacular, gorgeous and graceful. Her designs bring out radiance. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Ruth Beauchamp, Oranda

With brilliant jewelry design skills, a warm and winning personality, and incredible attention to detail and deadlines, Stephanie Hamilton is a master craftsperson destined for world-wide acclaim.

David Zinman, Inadco


She knits, strings and magically creates her pieces of art.

Tracy Boyd, Model

If you haven't seen Stephanie's work, you must. Men, this is a home run for a surprise for your wives.

Jody Holman, Photographer

Stephanie made a gorgeous piece that I gave as a gift. I am very pleased with all aspects of the process: design to price to delivery. I heartily recommend Stephanie... But it's her piece that will serve as a life long memory.

Gilbert Goetz, Oakland, CA

She is always on time with her custom pieces and always goes the extra mile for the extra smile.

Surrey Blackburn, Writer

Not only did she take the time to collaborate on which pieces should go with which outfits, but she also created some new jewelry specific to the shoot. The groupings she provided were detailed and organized. I couldn't be happier with her involvement in this project, and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Mariya Novitski, Photographer

Stephanie's work is beautifully done and when wearing one of her creations I know I will be asked always, where did you get that? One piece on you makes a big statement, so when you are in a hurry, pick up one of her pieces put it on a voila! You are looking good!

Denise Dolan, Interior Designer